Monday, November 23, 2009

BlueSquare Data Hosting Division acquired by Namesco Ltd.

Two weeks after my short review about my VPS provider, FsckVPS (FsckVPS is part of Vaserv) has been sold again.

BlueSquare Data has agreed to accept an offer from Namesco Ltd, to acquire its hosting division (consisting of VAServ, Server Arcade and PoundHost brands) with immediate effect. Namesco is part of Dada SpA, a leading international group in the domain name and hosting markets significantly focussed on developing and growing its presence in the UK market.
Read the full news here.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

FsckVPS short review

As I wrote in an earlier post after a hacker attack my VPS provider, FsckVPS had been aquired by BlueSquare, and I got a new VPS of them.

After a few months usage here is my short review.

Well, I am very satisfied with the "new" FsckVPS and their services.
They gave me 2 free months services because of my old/attacked VPS's downtime and data loss.
After some initial problems my VPS works perfectly with minimal downtime, and it never crashed till now.
Price is unchanged, starts from just $9.95/month!!! This is a very important factor for me, because I want a cheap VPS.
Support is fast and professional.
The old HyperVM panel has been removed (yeah, wow, more chance to security!!!), so I can manage my VPS trough SSH only (putty, command line). But I am familiar with Linux (Debian), so this is not a problem for me. And just now FsckVPS starts to provide SolusVM panel, so if I will need a control panel ever, I can get it.

And also they start to provide KVM. KVM is a full hardware level VPS environment allowing both Windows + Linux to run at close to native speeds. It allows to do the basic restart/reload of  VPS, load kernel modules and add swap space.
So if I want more control and speed on my VPS, I can move to KVM, but presently I stay with OpenVZ.

Conclusion: great service, low price, 5/5 stars.

If you want to find a cheap, but reliable unmanaged VPS provider I strongly suggest you FsckVPS/Vaserv.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

In memory of Michael

What about sunrise?
What about rain?
What about all the things,
That you said we were to gain?
What about killing fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the things,
That you said was yours and mine?

Did you ever stop to notice,
All the blood we've shed before?
Did you ever stop to notice,
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

Aah............... Oo...........
Aah............... Oo...........

What have we done to the world?
Look what we've done.
What about all the peace,
That you pledge your only son?
What about flowering fields?
Is there a time?
What about all the dreams,
That you said was yours and mine?

Did you ever stop to notice,
All the children dead from war?
Did you ever stop to notice,
The crying Earth the weeping shores?

Aah............... Oo...........
Aah............... Oo...........

I used to dream.
I used to glance beyond the stars.
Now I don't know where we are.
Although I know we've drifted far.

Aah............... Oo...........
Aah............... Oo...........
Aah............... Oo...........
Aah............... Oo...........

What about yesterday?
What about the seas?
The heavens are falling down.
I can't even breathe!
What about apathy?
I can feel its wounds.
What about nature's worth?
It's our planet's womb!

What about animals?
We've turned kingdoms to dust,
What about elephants?
Have we lost their trust?
What about crying whales?
Ravaging the seas.
What about forest trails?
Burnt despite our pleas!

What about the holy land?
Torn apart by creed.
What about the common man?
Can't we set him free?
What about children dying?
Can't you hear them cry?
Where did we go wrong?
Someone tell me why!

What about baby boy?
What about the days?
What about all their joy?
What about the man?
What about the crying man?
What about Abraham?
What about death again?
Do we give a damn?!
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Connecting to the Matrix

Today I start to configure my VPS.
I connect to it via SSH with putty. I only will see white text on a black window, and I will type Linux commands and cofiguration settings all day. Soon, I will not be able to know which is the real world. So dangerous!
Whether, will I be able to connect out from there in the end of the day? Whether, will The VPS has me? Should I follow the white rabbit?

My one chance there is no Windows on my VPS.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Where is my VPS located?

I wanted that my new VPS stay in US, and I was afraid it will be moved to UK.
But no, my new VPS is located in US, Los Angeles at OC-3Networks.
I pinged my VPS from multiple locations on

Here is a screenshot of the ping results.
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My new VPS has been arrived!!!

A few hours ago my new VPS has been arrived.
First with a CentOS, but because I am not familiar with CentOS, I requested a Debian 5 template.
After 20 minutes there was Debian on my VPS.
Unfortunately it is full with such packages what I will never use, but the support team told me this is the only image they have and can provision.

Anyway, my new VPS is up and running!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Day That Never Comes

Long hours without any news regarding my new VPS.

Perhaps the Vaserv's staff is hearing this Metallica song. :)

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