Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bang Bang

FSCKVPS (they are part of Vaserv) post the following message on their status page:
"Dear Customer,

We have worked tirelessly through the night and over the last 48 hours to recover as many VPS as possible. However, we have now reached the end of all of our servers, and as such, if your server is not currently up, or not partly up (i.e. it is up but not working due to a configuration issue) then it is unfortunate that you will have lost your data due to this third party attack.

We are offering all customers who have lost data a brand new VPS on our new platform. If you are in the position of requiring a new VPS due to your old one not coming back up, please submit a support ticket with the subject ‘New VPS Required’, and including the specification you ordered in the message. We will then start to provision these straight away. We will aim to have all new servers up within 6 hours at the latest, of course providing no new issues occur. If you have your own backups you can then restore these onto the new VPS.

We will also be providing two months free hosting as compensation to customers that have lost data and require a new VPS.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and your patience and understanding in these very difficult times.
Regards, VAServ Team."

Bang Bang


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