Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vaserve acquired by BlueSquare

"Dear VaServ customer,

As I am sure you are aware due to a combination of issues a large number of VPS nodes were compromised by a third party, which has resulted in some customers suffering a data loss.

Vaserv’s UK operations have been based at the BlueSquare Data Centre for a number of years, and we have a very strong working relationship with Rus Foster and his team. Once Rus made us aware of the major issues that his company was facing, we quickly mobilised a number of our experienced Linux engineers to help with the restore and rebuild of the VPS platform. Our engineers, along with vaserv staff have been working on these issues for well over 24 hours now, and we are starting to catch our tail.

We have been in dialog with Rus regarding the ongoing support of Vaserv, and it is with pleasure that I can announce BlueSquare Data Group ( will be taking over the operations of Vaserv in the future.

For the meantime we will continue to support vaserv and Rus wherever we can, and some customers are already being moving onto our own BlueSquare infrastructure.

Our short term aim is to get as many customers back up as soon as possible, as well as providing customers who have suffered a data loss a new VPS on the BlueSquare platform.

Our long term aim will be to move all the current VAServ customers onto the new BlueSquare Linux VPS platform, which has been in development for a number of months, and boasts industry leading security and reliability, along with the speed and uptime you would expect from VAserv.

We look forward to working with Rus and his team, and are excited about the opportunities this brings for you as a customer, providing exactly what you have been used to, but on a even better hardware and software platform. We have no intentions to change customer pricing.

Please continue to liaise with Rus and his team during these difficult times (as we don’t have any access to the day-to-day tech support of VAserv). We will continue to assist with infrastructure in the meantime, and will be in further contact once the majority of the recent issues have been resolved.

Thank you for your continued support,

Best Regards,"


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