Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lxlabs/HyperVM owner, K T Ligesh hanged himself!?

A tragical news has been publicated on several news portal on the internet:
Lxlabs/HyperVM owner K T Ligesh hanged himself.
You can read the news here , here and here .
And also several forum topics has been started about his suicide on Webhostingtalk and Lxlabs forum

The HyperVM control panel is used at FSCKVPS and at the whole Vaserv empire (and at lots of other VPS providers) for managing of the virtual private servers.
And possible, the hacker(s) exploited the HperVM's security hole for this attack.

I don't know whether the news about his suicide is true or not, but how long will this hacker story continue?

Sad and tragical


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